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Управление компании



Born on September 26, 1966 in Odessa City. Higher education: graduated from the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers majoring in maritime transportation and management engineering in 1988, honours degree. In 1991 he finished postgraduate studies of Odessa National Maritime University and received a scientific degree «Candidate of Economic Sciences» (Ph.D. in Economics) majoring in Mathematical Modelling in Economics.
After finishing postgraduate studies since 1991 till December 1992 he has worked in the Municipal Enterprise «Ekomen» of the factory Odeskabel as Deputy Director. In January 1993 he was engaged at Odessa Cable Factory Engineer for the position of Marketing Engineer, in June 1995 was appointed as Head of Marketing, then as Head of the Commercial Department, Head of Purchasing and Store Department, Chief Commercial Officer.
Since March 2008 he was appointed as Deputy Director of Sales and Marketing.
In addition, since April 2000 he was appointed as Director of Odeskabel, Trade House LLC.


Chief Commercial Officer

Dmitriy Nikolaevich was born on October 15, 1974 in Odessa City. He received higher education in Odessa National Maritime University in 2001 majoring in enterprise management.
He started his career in 1990 as a draftsman at Scientific and Production Company «Nabat». Since December 1994 till December 1996 he was a leading expert on marketing in Municipal Enterprise «Syayvo.» In January 1997 he joined Engineering and Production JSC «Effect» as Head of Supply Planning Department where he worked until July 2001. In this Company he has received work experience as Head of Shipping Department, Deputy Director and then Director. In July 2001 he was invited to Odeskabel, Trade House LLC where he continued to work as Supply Planning Manager, further, since August 2008, Deputy Chief Commercial Officer in the field of cabling and wiring products and lighting engineering. Since April 2009 he was appointed to the position of Chief Commercial Officer.


Financial Executive Officer

Born in the Village Dosin of District Slavutski of Region Khmelnitskiy on December 15, 1965.
She started her career as production clerk for Karpilovskaya Peat Enterprise in 1982.
Then she graduated from Odessa Order of the Red Banner of Labour Polytechnic Institute majoring in Organization of the mechanized processing of economic information.
Since 1992 till 1994 she continued polish up her skills in bookkeeping at Road Supply Association of Odessa Railway Station. In 1994 she was invited as an accountant in PJSC Odeskabel. Since 1999 till 2006 started to work for the Company «Odesmontazhspetsproekt» as an accountant and then chief accountant. Since 2005 till 2006 she worked as a part-time Chief Accountant of the Company «Odessatoplivo.» Since March 2006 till 2009 headed the accounting department SK LLC, Telekomstroyservis LLC and in January 2008 also SK INVEST LLC. Since April 2009 she was invited at Odeskabel, Trade House LLC as Financial Executive Officer.


Chief Accountant

Born on July 13, 1964 in Bolokhovo City, Region Tula. She received her first education at Odessa machine-building College majoring in technician/technologist. Further continued her education at Odessa National Polytechnic University majoring in Enterprise Management. In 2003 was qualified as an Economic Manager.
She started her career before studying as courier at Cherkeygerstroy in 1981. After finishing college worked as recent graduate at Odessa Foundry Tsentrolit. Where she worked since May 1985 till September 1996 as a first technician and then as a planning engineer and accountant. In October 1996 at the invitation started to work for JSC Odeskabel as an accountant and worked there until May 2000.
Since April 2000 initially part-time and then full-time has been occupying the position of Chief Accountant at Odeskabel, Trade House LLC.