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Strict compliance with state standards of manufacturing of products sold, geometry and electrical parameters.

The use of high quality raw materials are imported.

Products manufactured at the new (2007) imported high-tech equipment.

Comfortable modern packaging. High quality reels for winding.

Detailed labeling of goods.

Guaranteed the stated length and weight of the products.

The use in the production of only primary copper cathode.

Allowed to use the products manufactured by «Odeskabel» at nuclear power plants and railways.

Products Easy to assemble: the use of talc, yardsticks on the outer shell.

Production technologies are developed individually by experts laboratories manufacturing plants.

All products are guaranteed quality products.

Execution time of manufacture and delivery of products.

SVG_5526No need to replace the previously installed cable of poor quality: do not incur the costs of dismantling and installation of the new poor quality, the cost of new construction, if not possible to separate the cable is laid without destroying the object.

For the convenience of customers in 10 cities of Ukraine established a network of representative offices of the Trade House «Odeskabel.»

The plant not only meets the needs of the domestic market of the country in the cables, but it successfully exports. Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia and the European Union countries, which confirms the company’s competitiveness in the global market. TD «Odeskabel» is an active participant in the major associations of manufacturers of wires and cables: — Ukrainian corporation «Ukrelektrokabel» (Kiev, Ukraine);

test-img2TD «Odeskabel» is an active participant in the major associations of manufacturers of cables and wires:

" Ukrainian corporation «Ukrelektro- Cable» (Kiev, Ukraine); "
— Nonprofit Partnership cable manufacturers’ International Association «Electrocable» (Moscow, Russia) — Association «Intercable» (Moscow, Russia) — International Federation of cable manufacturers (Vienna, Austria).


  • individual approach to each client.
  • simple solution to complex problems.
  • Online processing requests from the client.
  • possibility of delays of payments for the client.
  • flexible system of discounts depending on the range and volume of the order.


We provide you with a quality product at the right time, at a convenient location for your good work and all of this together different products or separately.