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«Kamskiy Cable» informs that it has received a certificate of compliance with European norms and standards of the German Institute for testing and certification. The first products to be certified according to the German standard DIN VDE-0281-3 have been three brand-core non-sheathed cables with thermoplastic PVC insulation.

The certificate gives the right to label the cables H07V-U 1×1, 5 … 10 mm2, H07V-R 1×1, 5 … 10 mm2, H07V-K 1×1, 5 … 10 mm2 with the «VDE» sign which is one of the most famous and the oldest safety marks in Germany and Europe.
ISO certification was preceded by inspections of a manufacturing production status starting from the input material control to storage conditions of the end product. Then, according to German standards the cable was manufactured and sent to Germany for testing.
The company also received the right to label products with the CE sign which is the only mark in the countries of the European Union that confirms the compliance of the products with European safety standards for people, property and the environment.
For reference:
VDE – registered trademark of the Institute of German association of electrical engineers of national and international accredited independent institution for testing and certification of electrical equipment, components and systems. Worldwide VDE mark is seen as a symbol of electrical quality. This sign is equivalent to “Quality Mark” for the European consumer.

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